IP Office Technical Tip

New Q1 2012 Releases of IP Office Administration

This Technical Tip is to advise customers about the availability of new releases of IP Office Administration 7.0(32) and IP Office Administration 8.0(44). These new releases replace the current versions of IP Office Administration 7.0(31) and 8.0(43) released as part of the Q1 2012 Maintenance Release.

These new releases of IP Office Administration resolve an issue when Manager is used to administer IP Office systems with lower versions of core software that contain analog trunks in the configuration.

For example: If the 8.0(43) Manager is used to administer any system with a lower version of core software, the values set in the Analog Trunk "Gains" fields may be blank when the configuration is retrieved:

If the configuration is then sent back to the IP Office this may cause issues with the analog trunks such as trunk CLI detection.

The new releases of IP Office Administration 7.0(32) and 8.0(44) will prevent this issue from occurring. They will also detect if the configuration already contains analog trunks with blank settings in the "Gains" fields. If the values in the IP Office "Gains" fields are blank the Manager will populate them with the new system defaults of 0dB. Customers that require specific values to be configured in the analog trunks gains fields are advised to check the values are set correctly.

The new releases can be found in the Release 7 and 8 download sections of the Avaya Support Web site: http://support.avaya.com.