IP Office Technical Tip

IP400 Phone30 Expansion Module

This Technical Tip is to advise customers of a potential issue that may occur when using a legacy IP400 Phone30 Expansion Module (also known as the Phone V1 Expansion Module) in conjunction with Collective Hunt Groups.

A fully populated expansion module may restart if all the telephones are simultaneously presented with a call in a Collective Hunt Group. This issue occurs due to a hardware limitation with the V1 expansion module. Avaya recommends reducing the amount of telephones within a collective Hunt Group or changing the Hunt Group Ring Mode if using a V1 expansion module.

The IP400 Phone 30 Expansion Module is identified as "ANALOG POTS30+" in the IP Office configuration and uses the "avpots16.bin" file.

This issue does not occur using the IP400 Phone 30 V2 or IP500 Phone Expansion Modules. The IP400 Phone30 V1 Expansion Module was superseded by the Phone30 V2 Expansion Module in 2005.