IP Office Technical Tip

IP500v2 MAC Address Issue

This Technical Tip is to advise customers of a potential issue that may occur when connecting new IP Office IP500v2 control units together on the same subnet.

IP500v2 system units manufactured between March 26 and 18 June 2012 have been programmed with a new range of MAC addresses. The new range of addresses may not be recognised correctly by the current IP Office firmware. This will result in the system adopting default addresses of 00e007 00000d for LAN1 and 00e007 c0000d for LAN2 interfaces. If there are multiple devices with the same MAC address on a switch or in a subnet this will cause unpredictable errors. In most circumstances where there is a single IP Office on the switch or subnet this will not present an immediate problem.

IP500v2 systems affected by this issue can be identified by having a serial number in the range of 12WZ135xxxxx and 12WZ253xxxxx. The numbers in bold identify the week and day of manufacture.

Two patches are available to resolve this issue 7.0(323001) and 8.0(443001) and are available from Avaya IP Office Back Bone Support.

These patches will ensure that new IP500v2 systems are using the correct unique MAC addresses. These patches will also be incorporated into 8.1 GA and the R7 2Q 2012 Maintenance Release.