IP Office Technical Tip

one-X Portal Desktop Clients and Windows 7 64-Bit

This Technical Tip is to advise customers of a solution to the one-X Portal Desktop Client issue documented in IP Office Technical Bulletins 148 and 149. The installer for the Desktop Clients may not complete successfully when run from a Windows 7 64-Bit PC with some later versions of Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO). This document describes how to implement the resolution to this issue.

A new version of the one-X Portal Desktop Clients for 8.0 and 8.1 software is now available to download from the Avaya Support web site. Avaya recommends that customers with 64-Bit Operating Systems where the Call Assistant and Outlook plug-in are required use the new versions of Desktop Clients.

There are two methods of providing the updated one-X Portal Desktop Clients to end users:

Please ensure the one-X Portal Server is upgraded to the 8.0 or 8.1 4Q releases before attempting to upgrade the Desktop Clients. Please use the following process to replace the Desktop Clients installer:

Download the relevant one-X Portal Desktop Clients installer patch from the Avaya Support web site:


one-X Portal Server on Windows Server PC

The new Desktop Clients installer must be copied to one the following locations:

For Windows Servers hosting one-X portal no further steps are required. Users can now access the updated version of the one-X Portal Desktop Clients using a browser.


one-X Portal Server on Linux Server (Unified Communications Module, Applications Server or Server Edition)

The updated Desktop Clients are also available in the form of a RPM file for the Linux platform. The RPM file will need to be loaded using the WebControl interface.

Please use the following process to install the updated Desktop Clients installer to the Linux machine:

  1. Logon into Web Control as Administrator.

  2. Navigate to the "Settings" tab and click the browse button for "Applications".

  3. Locate the .RPM file and click "open" or double-click the file to select it.

  4. Click the "Add" button. The file will now begin uploading.

  5. When the upload has finished, click the "Updates" tab.

  6. You will see an entry for "AvayaOneXDesktopClients", click "Install".

  7. Log out from Web Control.

The new Desktop Clients are now accessible to all users from the one-X Portal Server.