The use of H323 and SIP phones with IP Office is controlled by the following licenses. Different licenses are used for Avaya IP phones and non-Avaya phones including non-Avaya soft phones.

For IP soft phones, the license requirements vary depending on the particular application and are not covered here. Refer to the specific documentation for the application. However, most Avaya soft phone applications do not require an Avaya IP Endpoint license.

By default, the endpoint licenses are consumed by each IP phone that registers with the system in the order that the phones register. However, it is possible to reserve a license for a particular extension in order to ensure that that phone always obtains a license first if available. This is done through the Reserve Licence setting of the extension's settings in the system configuration. Licenses are released if the phone unregisters unless reserved.

icon_warning Warning
Avaya IP phones without a license are still able to register but are limited to making emergency calls only (Dial Emergency short code calls). The associated user is treated as if logged off and the phone may display "No license available" and "Emergency Calls Only". If a license becomes available, it is assigned to any unlicensed DECT handsets first and then to any other unlicensed Avaya IP phone in the order that the phones registered.

Avaya IP Endpoints License
These licenses are used to license additional physical Avaya IP phones. This includes all 1600, 9600, DECT R4, Spectralink and VPN phones supported.

3rd Party IP Endpoints License
These licenses are used for support of non-Avaya IP phones including SIP extensions. The available license are used in order of phone registration. If no licenses are available the phone is not able to register. This license was previously called the IP End-points license.

Avaya Softphone License
This license is used to allow support for Avaya Workplace Client by a user whose licensed profile does not normally support those applications as part of the profile license.