Only one user can be logged in as the Superuser at any time.

By default, one-X Portal for IP Office servers use Referred Authentication. That means that the portal administration rights are assigned to security users configured in the security configuration of the IP Office service running on the same server. By default that is the Administrator user, however additional service users can also be configured for portal administrator access.

If referred authentication is disabled, the portal uses its own local administrator account, stored in the portal's own settings (or Superuser for the AFA menus).

To login:

1.Enter the browser address http://<server name>:<server port>/onexportal-afa.html, where:

<server name> is the name or the IP address the one-X Portal for IP Office server.

<server port> is the port number used by the one-X Portal for IP Office. This is 9443 for HTTPS access.

You can use http:// rather than https:// and 8080 as the port if unsecure access has been configured. See Protocol.  

Alternatively, from the normal user login menu, select AFA Login.

2.At the login menu, enter the password:

Enter the password of an IP Office security user configured for one-X Portal Super User access. By default that is the Administrator user.


When you log in for the first time, use the default password MyFirstLogin1_0. After logging in, you will be prompted to enter a new password for the Superuser account plus additional information.

Display Name
Enter a name for display in the one-X Portal for IP Office menus.

Password/Confirm Password
Enter a password that will be used for future Superuser access. This password is used on servers not using Referred Authentication.