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one-X Portal for IP Office supports a set of menus for the backup and restoration of one-X Portal for IP Office configuration settings. These allow backup and restoration using the one-X Portal for IP Office server, an FTP server or your own browser PC as the destination for the backup files.

The menus are also intended to allow backup and restoration between an old and a new installation of one-X Portal for IP Office on a new server. However, it is not supported for backup and restoration between different versions of one-X Portal for IP Office, for example from 6.1 to 7.0.

Access to the advanced backup and restore menus is controlled by a separate user and password from other administrator access.

Linux Based Servers
The portal can be included in the backup and restore functions provided through the server's web management menus. Those options include support for backup to HTTP. HTTPS and SFTP servers and scheduled backups.


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