The conference invites to participant can use both instant messaging and email. For email, the conference email settings must be configured as below. The email address used for each individual participant is set in the telephone system configuration.


To set the conference notification fixed text:

1.Select Configuration and then SMTP Configuration.

2.Set the SMTP email details that the server should use:

Server Address
The IP address of the customer's SMTP server.

Port Number
The SMTP listening port of the server. The default is 25.

Email From Address
This is the address that will be used by the server. Some email servers will only relay messages from recognized or addresses in the same domain.

Select this field to enable TLS/SSL encryption. Encryption allows voicemail-to-email integration with hosted email providers that only permit SMTP over more secure transport.

Server Requires Authentication
If the server requires a user account to receive and send emails, enter the details of an account configured on that server for use by the IP Office.

User Name
The account name to use if Server Requires Authentication is selected.

The account password to use if Server Requires Authentication is selected.

3.Click Save.