You can check the status of the IM/presence server through the IM/presence server status menu. If the IM/presence server is not running, you can use the process below to start the service.

To start the IM/presence server:

1.Select Health.

2.Select IM/Presence server status. The system displays the status of the IM/Presence server.

3.Click Start.

If the database is corrupt, the system displays "IM/Presence server database is corrupt and needs to be restored. Would you like to restore it?".

To restore the database and start the IM/Presence server, click Yes. The system restores the database from the backup folder. The system automatically backs up the database every eight hours. You can not start the IM/presence server without restoring the corrupt database.

If you click No. The system displays "IM/Presence server can not be started with corrupted database. The IM/Presence features will be unavailable".