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one-X Portal for IP Office Admin

This menu is available on portal servers supporting a IP Office Server Edition Select network. It provides additional settings for the portal server for it to take part in portal server resiliency. See Resiliency.

On existing non-IP Office Server Edition Select mode systems that have then been switched to IP Office Server Edition Select mode, it may be necessary to restart the portal services for resiliency settings to become available. Similarly it may be necessary to restart the portal services after first configuring portal resiliency in the IP Office system configuration.

Primary Server Settings

The settings shown on the primary server are:


Select whether the server should support failover. If enabled, the domain name of the secondary portal server should be set in the Host Domain Name form.

Failover Now
This control can be used to manually initiate the failover process.

Failover Detection Time
Sets the time in minutes before failover occurs when potential issues are detected. The default (3 minutes) stops failover being initiated by normal maintenance restarts of services.

Sets whether the failback process should be initiated automatically when possible. If set to manual, then a restart of the portal services is required to complete failback.

Application Server Settings

The settings also appear on an application server. When that server is being used in a IP Office Server Edition Select network, it can act the portal server for the primary or secondary server, replacing the embedded portal service on that server.


Enable Resiliency
If selected, enables portal resiliency and displays the additional fields required to define the addresses of the other servers in the resiliency setup and the role of the servers. If resiliency is not enabled, then the portal service on secondary server is automatically stopped and cannot be manually restarted.

This one-X Portal:
Define the role of this server.

Select if this server is intended to act as the primary portal server.

Select if this server is intended to act as the backup/fallback portal server if the primary portal is not available.

FQDN/IP Address
Use this table to enter the fully qualified domain names or IP addresses of the all the portals and IP Office servers in the resiliency set.



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