The one-X Portal for IP Office administration menu provides a range of options for monitoring and configuring the one-X Portal for IP Office application.






Shows a summary of the server status.

Component Status

List the last status change of the server components.

IM/Presence server status

Shows the current status of the instant messaging server component.


Display the status of the servers in a resilient configuration. (IP Office Server Edition only)

Key Recent Events

View the last 20 events on the server.

Active Sessions

Show how many sessions are cached by one-X Portal for IP Office.


Show a summary of the one-X Portal for IP Office server PC.



View and edit the providers.


View and edit user one-X Portal for IP Office settings.


Export the user directory and system directory.


Specify the text that is displayed on the one-X Portal for IP Office pages after a user has logged in.


Monitor the status of the IM/Presence server as a Administrator.

Exchange service

Configure the Exchange server to obtain user presence information.

SMTP Configuration

Set the email details used for emailing conference notifications.

Conference Dial-in

Set the fixed text to include in scheduled conference notifications.


Used on an IP Office Application Server to set whether the portal provides resiliency support. (IP Office Server Edition Select only)

Host Domain Name

Set the URL used for access to portal services.

Conference Clean Up

Configure how long conference details are retained.

Central CTI Link

Configure whether the server automatically learns about and supports other IP Office systems in a network.

Block Client Versions

Configure specific versions and builds of clients that the server will not support.



Set whether the server uses HTTPS or HTTPS and HTTP.

TLS Settings

Configure the TLS support options.

ESNA Authentication

Sets the address of the ESNA server to use for authenticating user login using an ESNA account.


Logging Configuration

Configure the level and method of logging supported.

Logging Viewer

Install and launch Chainsaw for log viewing.

Network Routes

Test the IP connection path to an IP address.

IP Office Connections

Test the IP connection path to an IP Office.

Database Integrity

Test the structure of the database.

User Data Validation

Identify possible cause of user login failure or user data corruption and reset the corrupt data.

Call/Conference Scheduling

Delete a scheduled conference.

View Conferences

Display the historic and future schedule conference details for all users. Allows the deletion and modification of those conferences.

Generate Memory Dump

Create a diagnostic record of the server's current memory usage.

Generate Thread Dump

Create a diagnostic record of the server's current processor threads..

Directory Integration

Directory Synchronization

Force a system directory update by the server.

System Directory

View the one-X Portal for IP Office system directory.

LDAP Directory Search

View the external directory for which the one-X Portal for IP Office server has been configured.

Gadgets Configuration

External Gadgets List

The external gadgets that are in the system are listed.

Import External Gadgets

Import external gadgets.

Export External Gadgets

Export external gadgets.

IM Archive

Search Archive

Search for the IM conversations between the system contacts.

Help & Support


Access one-X Portal for IP Office help installed on the server.

Avaya Support

Access the Avaya support web site for Avaya applications.


View information about the one-X Portal for IP Office version.

It is important to understand that the one-X Portal for IP Office administrator menus operate as an off-line editor. Within a particular menu, data is fetched (using a GET command) from the database, edited and then sent back to the database (using a PUT command).

Within each menu, the clicking on the status icon status icon open icons can be used to show/hide a short description of the menus function and content.