This section covers basic configuration changes required for IP Office systems using the IP Office Manager application. This covers just the basic configuration, the full range of configuration possible through IP Office Manager is covered in the IP Office Manager manual.


1.Network Connection
Use IP Office Manager to connection to the new system.

2.Initial Configuration
The Initial Configuration menu is shown the first time that IP Office Manager or IP Office Web Manager connects to a new system.

3.Set the Extension Numbering
Renumber all the user extensions if required.

4.Disable any Unused Trunks
Disabling the use of trunks and trunk channels that are not available.

5.Select the Clock Source for Digital Trunks
Altering which digital trunk is used to provide the IP Office with its clock signal for call synchronization.

6.Enter Trunk Prefixes
On systems where a prefix is being used for external dialing, ensure that the same prefix is added to incoming numbers in order to allow return calls.


Basic Security Configuration

After completing the basic configuration, you should follow the processes in the System Security chapter.