part c

Use the following procedure when unpacking any equipment supplied by Avaya or an Avaya reseller or distributor.

Information Required

o Equipment Checklist.
An installation checklist of the parts and equipment ordered for the installation.


1.o Check for Packaging Damage
Before unpacking any equipment, check for any signs of damage that may have occurred during transit. If any damage exists bring it to the attention of the carrier.

2.o Check the Correct Parts Have Been Delivered
Check all cartons against the packing slip and ensure that you have the correct items. Report any errors or omissions to the equipment supplier.

3.o Retain All Packaging and Documentation
While unpacking the equipment, retain all the packaging material. Fault returns are only accepted if repackaged in the original packaging. If performing a staged installation, the original packaging also assists when repacking equipment to move it to the final installation site.

4.o Ensure that Anti-Static Protection Measures are Observed
Ensure that anti-static protection measures are observed at all times when handling equipment with exposed electrical circuit boards.

5.o Check All Parts
Visually inspect each item and check that all the necessary documentation and accessory items have been included. Report any errors or omissions to the dealer who supplied the equipment.

6.o Check All Documentation
Ensure that you read and retain any documentation included with the equipment.