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IP500 V2/V2A IP Office Subscription

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Installation Overview

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This installation process is a simple outline. Many steps can be completed before the actual installation at the customer site.

Installation process summary

1.Subscription System SD Card Subscription

a.Obtain an IP Office System SD card.

b.Using the card's PLDS ID number, subscribe the card at Avaya Channel Marketplace.

c.Once subscribed, obtain the email containing the subscription details for the System SD card.

2.Prepare for installation

a.Environmental Requirements
Check that the installation area meets the system environmental requirements.

b.Space Requirements
Check that the installation area meets the system space requirements.

c.Tools and Parts Required
Check that you have the tools and additional parts required.

Ensure that you have obtained and read all the relevant documentation.

Check that all the required equipment has been delivered and that there is no damage.

3.Admin Software Installation
For system installation you need a PC with the IP Office administrator software installed. This must include a copy of IP Office Manager that matches the IP Office software level required.

a.Downloading the Software

b.Installing the Administrator Applications

3.Preparing the System SD card
Upgrade the System SD card to the required release of IP Office software.

4.Install the control unit cards
Attach any trunk daughter cards to their IP500 base cards and insert the base cards into the control unit.

5.Install the system

a.Wall Mounting
If wall mounting, attach the brackets and fit the unit to the wall.

b.Rack Mounting
If rack mounting, attach the brackets and fit the control unit into the rack.

c.Connect the External Expansion Modules
Connect the external expansions modules to the control unit.

d.Ground the system
Attach required ground cables to the control unit and external expansion modules.

e.Starting the System
Insert the System SD card and power up the system.

f.Connecting Phones
Connect the Avaya digital phones.

6.Initial Configuration
Once the physical system is started, it can be configured. This can be done using either IP Office Manager or IP Office Web Manager.




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