part b

Ensure that you have read this manual in full before starting installation. Also include the installation documentation for any other equipment and applications being installed as part of the IP Office system.

IP Office documentation is available from the following web sites.

Avaya Support (
Contains documentation and software downloads for Avaya products including IP Office. Copies of the IP Office software images are available from this site and updated core software .bin files.

Avaya Documentation (
Contains Avaya product user guides and technical manuals in HTML formats.

Avaya IP Office Knowledge Base (
Contains IP Office user guides and technical manuals in HTML and PDF formats.

! IP Office Technical Bulletins
You must obtain and read the IP Office Technical Bulletin relating to the IP Office software release which intend to install. The bulletin contains important information that may not have been included in this manual. IP Office Technical Bulletins are available from the Avaya support website (