IP Office systems can run in a number of modes. For IP Office Release, the following modes are supported for IP500 V2A control units:

IP Office Basic Edition Modes

The following operating modes are collectively referred to as IP Office Basic Edition mode. Its supports no IP based features apart from for system management and systems operate entirely standalone, they cannot be networked together.

IP Office Basic Edition
This is the default operating mode for control units.

IP Office Basic Edition - Norstar Mode
This mode operates the same as the IP Office Basic Edition mode. This mode is sold in Middle East and North African locales.

IP Office Basic Edition - PARTNER Mode
This mode operates the same as the IP Office Basic Edition mode. This mode is sold in North American locales.

Standard Modes

Both the following modes can be used standalone or can be networked together to share resources and act (from the user perspective) as a single large system. This type of network is called an Small Community Network (SCN).

IP Office Essential Edition
Systems run in this mode if an Essential Edition license is added to the configuration. Systems set to this mode without a license will not support any telephony functions.

IP Office Preferred Edition
This mode is similar to IP Office Essential Edition but adds support for the Voicemail Pro and one-X Portal for IP Office applications. This mode is enabled by adding a Preferred Edition (Voicemail Pro) license to a system already licensed for Essential Edition.

Other Modes

Server Edition
This IP Office mode is not covered by this documentation. It is centered around a Linux-based IP Office server that acts as the primary server for the network of any additional Server Edition servers that are then added. The IP Office expansion servers added to the network can be both Linux-based servers and IP500 V2A control units. Refer to the separate Server Edition documentation. The hardware compatibility notes for the IP500 V2A control unit in this manual remain applicable for Server Edition usage unless stated otherwise.

IP Office Select
This mode enables additional capacity and features for a Server Edition network. All systems in the network need to be configured as IP Office Select systems. Again, IP500 V2A control units can be employed as expansion systems in a IP Office Select network.

IP Office Subscription
This mode uses subscriptions (per-user per-month licenses) to enabled features. It is supported by systems running on IP500 V2A control units and on Linux-based servers including virtual servers. See Subscriptions. This particular document only covers deployment of this mode on standalone IP500 V2A control units. Existing PLDS licensed systems can be migrated to subscription licensing (see Migrating to Subscription Mode ).