The following applications are used to program and maintain an IP Office system. Typically, they run on a PC connected to the IP Office system via its LAN interface. These applications are all provided on the IP Office Administrator Applications DVD.

Due to the nature of the applications, if installed on a PC at the customer site, this should be a secure PC or the PC of a trusted user. For maintainers, these applications can also be run remotely if a secure route for data connections to the customer's system exists.

IP Office Manager Version
It is important to download and install the correct version of the IP Office administration suite including IP Office Manager.

For system installation, you should use the version of IP Office Manager that matches the IP Office release required on the system. This sets the version of software loaded when recreating the System SD card.

For system maintenance, the version of IP Office Manager used sets the version of software uploaded to a system when upgrading the system.

For system configuration, IP Office Manager Version is backwards compatible for systems running software from IP Office Release 6.0 upwards. IP Office Manager cannot load the configuration of an IP Office system running a higher version of software.

Admin Lite Not Supported
Note that the IP Office Manager installed using the AdminLite installer is not the full version. It runs in English only and does not include the files needed for actions such as system upgrades, SD card recreation, etc. To fully support systems, ensure that you install the full IP Office Administration suite installer (approximately 1.52GB compared to the 230MB AdminLite installer).


IP Office Manager
This tool is used to access all parts of the IP Office configuration. Different levels of access can be defined to control which parts of the configuration the IP Office Manager user can view and alter. IP Office Manager is also used to upgrade the software files used by an IP Office system.

IP Office Web Manager
The system configuration can be accessed via web browser using the same service user accounts as used for IP Office Manager. Currently, for non-basic mode IP500 V2A system, IP Office Web Manager can only be used to configure users, groups and service users (security accounts) and to perform basic maintenance actions. Therefore, IP Office Manager is still required for full system installation and maintenance.

System Status Application
This application can be used to inspect the current status of IP Office lines and extensions and to view records of recent alarms and events. It runs as a Java application.

Monitor (SysMon)
Monitor is a tool that can show a trace of all activity on the IP Office system in detail. As a consequence, interpretation of Monitor traces requires a high-level of data and telephony protocol knowledge. Despite that however, all IP Office installers and maintainers need to understand how to run Monitor when necessary as Avaya may request copies of Monitor traces to resolve support issues.