The IP Office supports a number of applications that operate in parallel with users telephones. These applications are installed from the IP Office Applications DVD. The one-X Portal for IP Office server can also be installed as part of the IP Office Application DVD installation.

one-X Portal for IP Office
This application is installed on an IP Office Application Server server PC connected to the IP Office. Users can access the one-X portal from their own PC using a web browser. The application allows the user to control their phones, access voicemail messages, call logs and phone directories.

It is intended for telephone system operators or receptionists. It displays details of calls and allows them to quickly see the status of the callers required destination and transfer the call. The SoftConsole user is able to access a range of details about the status of users and groups on the IP Office system. Up to 4 simultaneous SoftConsole users are supported.

Avaya Workplace Client
This is a unified communications application that runs on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices. It can be used as a softphone or to control a desk phone.

IP Office User Portal
The user portal is a browser based application provided by the IP Office system. Individual users can use the application to see and change their own telephone settings. Which users can use the application and which feature they can access are controlled by settings in the IP Office system configuration.