There a several types of conference. The use of some controls and features depends on the type of conference:



Ad Hoc Conference

These are a simple impromptu conferences started by making or answering a normal call and then manually adding another party or parties to the call to make it into a conference. The person who starts the conference by adding the other party to the call is the conference host. Ad hoc conferences cannot be locked and do not indicate the loudest speaker.

Meet Me Conference

This is a conference that uses a conference bridge number. You and other parties can join the conference by various methods setup by the system administrator. However, no one can hear and talk to each other, ie. the conference does not start, until the owner of the bridge number also joins the conference.

Scheduled Conference

These are the same as meet me conferences. Using the one-X Portal, you can schedule future conferences and send invitations to the other parties. You can also view the conferences to which you have been invited.