In addition to the traditional conference controls, one-X Portal can also provide options for scheduling conferences.


These features may require configuration by your system administrator before they are available. Contact your system administrator for details.

Conference scheduling is only available to users configured as a Power User by the system administrator.

Schedule conferences are not included in portal resiliency. Similarly, conferences schedule during resiliency are lost on recovery of normal operation.

Schedule Conference Calls

View my conference calendar

Schedule a new conference

Edit conference details

Viewing your conferences

Delete a scheduled conference

Sorting the conferences

Show/hide previous conferences

Search the conferences

Join a conference

Start your own conference

Extending your conference

Switch conference notifications on/off

Conference Resources
You can schedule meet me conferences. However, the system cannot reserve and guaranteed resources for those conferences. When scheduling or changing a conference, if the system determines from the other already scheduled conferences that it will not have sufficient capacity at the time for your conference, it displays a warning.