Calls from numbers in this list are still be able to ring your phone even when you have Do Not Disturb enabled. However, they will still see your status as being on 'do  not disturb'.

This only applies for calls direct to your extension number' it does not apply for calls to any hunt group of which you are a member.

You can use one-X Portal to add numbers from your Personal and the System directories to your  exceptions list. Numbers added in other ways, for example from your phone or by your system administrator, are also shown and can be deleted using one-X Portal.

To configure your DND exceptions:

1.In the Configure tab, select DND Exceptions.

2.The list of exceptions appear where the number in the exception list matches a number in your Personal or System directory, the name is also displayed in the exceptions list.

To Add a Number from the Directory
Click either the Personal or System tab. Select the contacts that you want added to your Exceptions. For Personal directory contacts, it will be the contact's primary phone number that is added.

To Remove a Number
To remove a number from the list of exceptions, click X next to the number.

3.Click Save.


1.Names are not stored as part of the exceptions list, only the numbers. The names shown in the list are mapped by the one-X Portal matching numbers in the exceptions list according to the primary phone numbers of your directory contacts. If the directory contact no longer matches the number in the exceptions list, no name is displayed. Portal does not currently allow the entry of the wildcards N and X, where N represents any numbers and X represents any single digit. For example, to allow all numbers from 5551000 to 5551099, add the exception number as either 55510XX or 55510N. These can be entered by your system administrator.