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Using one-X Portal

Once you have enabled IM notifications, you can select which notifications you want to receive.

To configure your notifications:

1. Click the Configure tab and select IM/Presence.

2. Set the various options as required.

Send conference entry IM
If selected, the system sends an instant message to you when someone joins your meet me conference.

Send conference exit IM
If selected, the system sends an instant message to you when someone leaves your meet me conference.

Voice message begin IM
If selected, the sysem sends an instant message to you when someone begins to leave a message in your voice mailbox.

Voice message end IM
If selected, the system sends an instant message to you after someone leaves a message in your voice mailbox.

Alternate IM ID
The system can send the above notifications to an alternate instant message identity. This requires your system maintainer to have configured XMPP server to server federation. In this way, you can get a notifications on your alternate instant messaging client. Notifications to the alternate identity are in addition to  those within one-X Portal.

After defining an Alternate IM ID, you need to add or invite mybuddy to your contacts list in your alternate instant messaging application. Enter mybuddy@<XMPP_Domain> (for example,

Advertise on call status
See Advertise your call status.

Advertise your calendar status
See Advertise your calendar status.

3. After making the changes click Save.



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