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Installing one-X Call Assistant

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The file to install the portal's desktop clients for one-X Call Assistant and Avaya IP Office Plug-in can be downloaded from the one-X Portal server. This common installer is used for both desktop clients.

To install the desktop client software:

1.Log in to one-X Portal.

2.In the Configure tab, select Desktop Integration.

3.Click the link to download the installer for Avaya IP Office Plug-in and one-X Call Assistant. Note: Do not rename the downloaded file.

4.The next steps vary depending on the browser:

Internet Explorer or Safari
The file download menu prompts you with options to perform on the file. Select Run.

Google Chrome or Firefox
When the browser prompts you, select Save. The browser downloads the installation file. When the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file and select Run.

5.The system unpacks the installer prepares to install the software. Select the installer language and click OK. In the welcome screen, click Next.

If you have already installed one-X Call Assistant the system displays the following options Modify, Repair and Remove. Select Modify to install this version over the existing one. Similarly, if you have a different version already installed the system prompts you to upgrade.

6.Select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.

7.Check the details for the connection to the one-X Portal server. These should match parts of the URL that you normally use to connect your browser to one-X Portal.

Avaya one-X Portal Sever IP or Name:
Set this to match the part of the URL you use to browse the portal between the // and : characters. If the // are not shown, start from the start of the URL to the : character.

Set this to match the digits that follow the : in the URL you use to browse to the one-X Portal. The usual value is 9443 though some sites allow 8080.

Secure Communication Mode:
If the URL you use in the browser is HTTPS, select this option.

8.Click Next. The system displays Setup Type dialog box.

a.Select Complete to install both one-X Call Assistant and Avaya IP Office Plug-in.

b.Select Custom to install only one of the desktop clients.

9.Click Next. To simplify support, we recommend that you accept the default destination folder. Click Next.

10.Click Install. The system displays the progress of the installation.

11.When finished a list of options is displayed. Select those you want and click Finish.



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