one-X Portal allows you to have instant message chat sessions with other users. You can recognize them by the green online icon in the directory. You can use an instant message session even when on a call to the same user that you are messaging.

If you do not want other users to be able to start chat sessions with you while you are using one-X Portal, set your presence status to Offline.

To instant message a contact:

1. Locate the other one-X Portal user in your directoryHead Directory gadget.

2. With your cursor hovering over the contact, a chat chat icon indicates that they are available to be chatted with. Click on the chat chat icon to open a chat window.

3. The instant message popup window will appear in your one-X Portal and in the other user's one-X Portal.  

4. You can start typing your messages and they can reply.

5. You can start instant messaging session with other one-X Portal users at the same time. Each will appear in a separate popup.