Normally when you put a call on hold, only you can retrieve that call. Parking a call is similar to holding a call. However a parked call can be retrieved by other users if they know the park slot number or name used to park the call. one-X Portal provides you with 4 park buttons. You can configure which park slot number or name each button uses. You can then use the buttons to park a call in a particular park slot, see when a call has been parked in that park slot by you or by someone else and to unpark a call parked in that slot.

You can park and unpark a call on a multisite telephony net work such as a Small Community Network.

For example, if you park a call in slot 1, then the users on the local telephony network and Small Community Network can unpark the call. The system displays the call that is parked on slot 1 for any user who is configured on a local telephony network or a Small Community Network has the same slot.


1. If you park a call and leave it parked too long it will recall to you. The default is to recall after 5 minutes but your system administrator can adjust this. You cannot drop a parked call that recalls your phone.

2. You can park and unpark between different phone systems in a Small Community Network.