You can transfer a call to a contact in your directory rather than having to enter the destination number yourself.

To transfer a call using the directory:

1. Use the directoryHead Directory gadget to locate the party to which you want to transfer your current call. Click on their name to display their number details.

2. Because you already have a connected call, additional options are shown when your hover the cursor over a directory contact.

transfer Transfer:  
Use the transfer icon to do a simple unsupervised transfer to the contact's primary number.

consult Consult:  
Use the consult icon to start a supervised transfer to the contact's primary number.

conference Conference:  
Use the conference icon to conference yourself, the held call and the contact's primary number.

alt Alternate Numbers:
If this icon is displayed, the contact has alternate numbers. You can click the icon and select the call options available for those numbers.