This section covers licenses used IP500 V2/V2A IP Office systems running IP Office Release 11.1 FP3. It does not include details of licenses used for other types of IP Office systems such as Server Edition.

The IP Office system requires licenses for some features, see Licenses. The license file can be either uploaded manually or pre-loaded onto the System SD card.

How is the system licensed?

An XML file containing the full set of PLDS licenses is uploaded to the system. The license file is unique to the feature key serial number of the System SD card installed in the system.

The card's ID number is printed on the card's label after PLDS ID, FK SN or FK depending on the age of the card. On newer cards is a 12-digit number. Older cards may have a 10-digit number. For PLDS licensing, use the 12-digit number. On older cards, for licensing, prefix the 10-digit number with 11.

Minimum License Requirements

For IP Office Basic Edition mode, new systems with no licensed features do not require any license to operate. However, if any license features are required, a Basic Edition system license is also needed.

Upgrade Licensing

From IP Office Release 10.0 onwards, the PLDS XML license file is release-specific. For a system to be upgraded to a new major release of IP Office software, a new license file specific to the target release is required. This applies even if the file contains the same set of licenses .