This type of phone cannot be used for the administration functions covered by this document. However using centralized administration from another phone, functions can be applied to the phone from another extension.


The ETR 6 is physically similar but lacks a display.

ETR 6D Phone

The button numbering order on these phones does not depend on the system mode. However, the default button usage is affected by the system mode.

The programmable buttons are numbered from 01 left to right, bottom to top, ie. bottom left is button 01, top right is button 06.

For systems running in key system mode, the first two programmable buttons, 01 and 02, are fixed as Intercom 1 and Intercom 2 buttons. Buttons 03 upwards are assigned as line buttons based on the Number of Lines setting or the number of analog trunks installed in the system.

For systems running in PBX system mode, the first two buttons, 01 to 02, are fixed as call appearance buttons.