This menu is accessed from the System page by selecting Create Calling Lists | Account Code Entries.

This menu is accessed from the Admin Tasks list by selecting System | List Management.

Account codes are commonly used to control cost allocation and out-going call restriction. The account code used on a call is included in the call information output by the system call log. Users can enter an account code during a call using an Account Code Entry button. Once a user has entered an account code with a call, only that user can change that calls account code by entering another one.

Once a call has been completed using an account code, the account code information is removed from the user's call information. This means that redial functions will not re-enter the account code.

Extensions can be required to enter a valid account code when they make an outgoing external call. The Account Code Entries list contains the account codes that are accepted as being valid and the selected users who are required to enter one of these codes, ie. the users who are set to Forced Account Code Entry.

All users (except analog phones) can also enter voluntary account codes at any time during a call by using an Account Code Entry button. Voluntary account codes are recorded in the same way as forced account codes but are not validated.

Using the Assign Users to List menu to add or remove users from the Selected User list will enable/disable the Forced Account Code Entry setting for the appropriate users.