Normally the auto attendant's out of hours settings are used at any times when the other time profiles (morning, evening and afternoon) are not valid. This set of settings allows you to define specific days and times on those days when the out of hours settings override all the other. This can be used to automatically apply the out of hours settings all day on specific days.

The out of hours settings can also be set to override the other time profiles when the system is in night service. However that method is turned on and off manual using a night service button. The two methods can be combined, but the automatic settings below will still be applied when night service is switched off.

Weekly Off
This drop down list is used to select the days on which the Out of Office Hours set below should be used to override the other auto attendant time settings.

Out of office hours
These fields set the times used for automatic out of hours operation on the days selected above. The internal number to dial to record the greeting for this period is shown below the setting.