This tab and its button functions are only for the first extension in the system. These features are linked to the usage of the System Password as they affect the operation of the phone system for all users and trunks.

web system features

Night Service: Action Data = None.
A button set to this function allows the user to switch night service on or off. The System Password, if set, is required to use this feature. If the user has this feature enabled, removing this button will turn the feature off.

Wake Up Service: Action Data = None.
It allows the user to set an alarm call to occur another extension in the next 24-hours. When the alarm occurs, if the call is answered the targeted user will hear music on hold if available, otherwise they will hear repeated double tones. If the call is not answered another attempt is made 5 minutes later, however only 2 attempts are made. Only one alarm can be set against each user at any time. Setting another alarm will override any existing alarm.

When selected, this option removes all programming from the button.