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IP Office Basic Edition - Analog Phone User Guide

The following feature codes can be dialed after pressing #. A double-tone is heard once the feature is set or cleared.






This function allows you to switch do not disturb on or off. Whilst on, you will not receive any calls. Calls to you are redirected to call coverage extension if set or to voicemail if on. Hunt group calls rings the other available members of the hunt group. When enabled you will hear interrupted dial tone.



Call Forward


This function allows you to redirect all your calls to another number. If the system administrator has configured your for Remote Call Forwarding, you can forward calls externally by specifying a personal speed dial as the destination. When enabled you will hear interrupted dial tone.

Call Forward Cancel


Account Code Entry


This function allows you to enter an account code prior to making a call or during a call.

Call Coverage On


This function allows you to switch call coverage on or off. When on, any calls to you that ring unanswered also start ringing at your call coverage extension.

Call Coverage Off


Station Lock


This function allows you to lock and unlock your extension from being used to make calls. When selected, you are prompted to enter and confirm a four digit code after which the extension is locked. If the extension is already locked, use of this function prompts for reentry of the four digit code to unlock the extension.

Station Unlock


Contact Closure 1


This function allows you to operate the system's contact closure 1 or 2 connection. These are used to operate devices such as door entry systems. To use these codes you must be a member of the system's contact closure group.

Contact Closure 2


System Speed Dial

#600 to #699

Dial the selected system speed dial number.

Personal Speed Dial

#80 to #99

Dial the selected personal speed dial number.


<ext> - Your own extension number.

<dest> - The destination number for a feature.

<code> - A valid account code.

<pin> - A 4-digit number.


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