Dialing Restrictions and Permissions

You can restrict outside calling from an extension that has access to an outside line.

While procedures that restrict dialing are very effective, absolute protection against misuse cannot be guaranteed. 


Allowed Phone Number Lists
Used to specify telephone numbers that extensions associated with the list can dial regardless of other dialing restrictions.
Allowed List Assignments
Used to assign which allowed number lists an extension can use.
Disallowed Phone Number Lists
Used to specify telephone numbers that extensions associated with the list cannot dial.
Disallowed List Assignments
Used to assign up to which disallowed number lists are applied to an extension.
Emergency Phone Number List
Used to create a list of up to 10 telephone numbers that all extensions can dial regardless of dialing restrictions.
Outgoing Call Restriction
Use this feature to specify the types of outgoing calls that can be made on all lines at an extension.
Allow Remote Call Forwarding
All extensions can forward their incoming calls to another extension using call forwarding. This option is used to configure whether the extension can also forward calls to external numbers (remote call forwarding and cell phone connect).
System Password
When this optional password is set, users must enter it to turn Night Service on/off. Also, when night service is on, users in the Night Service Group must enter the password to make any outgoing calls except calls to emergency phone numbers and marked system speed dials.
Toll Call Prefix
Use this feature to indicate whether users must dial a 0 (for operator assisted calls) or 1 (for direct-dial calls) before the area code to make a long distance call or just the area code and number.



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