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UC Module

The Voicemail Pro application can use Text-to-speech (TTS). However, the IP Office image file used to create virtual machines does not include the TTS languages. The TTS languages are downloadable as 3 separate DVD's.

To use TTS languages, you need to upload and install the additional languages on the virtual machines running the Voicemail Pro application. In a Server Edition network, that applies to the Server Edition Primary Server and Server Edition Secondary Server servers.


oTTS files from pre-11.1 releases are not compatible with R11.1.

oDuring this process, the server needs to restart the voicemail service each time it installs a new TTS language.

Checking the TTS Languages Installed

1.Access the server's web control/platform view menus. See Logging In or Logging Into Web Control Directly.

2.Select Updates.

3.In the list of Services, each TTS language is shown with the prefix TTS.

Downloading the TTS Languages

1.The supported TTS languages can be downloaded as a set of 3 ISO files from See Downloading Module Software.

2.Select the IP Office release and locate the Text-to-Speech for IP Office Server Edition and Application Server link.

3.Download the ISO image containing the languages required:

DVD 1: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian.

DVD 2: Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Greek.

DVD 3: Chinese, Polish, Russian.

4.The individual RPM installation files for each file can be extracted from the ISO files by treating them as zipped archives.

Adding a New Language

Note that this process will cause the voicemail service to be restarted, ending all calls currently being handled by the voicemail service.

1.Access the server's web control/platform view menus. See Logging In or Logging Into Web Control Directly.

2.Select Settings | General.

3.In the Software Repositories section, click on the Browse button for Application. Browse to and select the RPM file for the required language and click OK.

4.Click Add.

5.Select Updates.

6.In the Services section, locate the newly added TTS language. Click Install.


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