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Avaya makes Unified Communications Module software for each IP Office release available from the Avaya support website ( in a number of formats. For Unified Communications Module installation, you must download the ISO image and Avaya USB Creator tool software.

ISO Image
You can use this type of file to install and upgrade the full set of software. Before using an ISO image, you must backup all applications data.

oNote that the Unified Communications Module uses a different ISO file from other Linux-based IP Office products. Ensure that you download the C110 ISO file for Unified Communications Module installs and upgrades.

oThe Unified Communications Module v1 and Unified Communications Module v2 both use the same C110 ISO image.

Source ISO Image
Some components of the software are open source. To comply with the license conditions of that software, Avaya is required to make the source software available. However, this file is not required for installation.

Avaya USB Creator Tool
This software tool is downloadable from the same page as the ISO files. After installation, you can use the tool to load an ISO image onto a USB memory key from which the server can boot and either install or upgrade. Note: You must use the R11.1 version of this tool for R11.1 and higher systems.

Text-to-Speech Languages ISO Images
No TTS languages are installed by default. TTS languages can be added post installation, see Adding TTS Languages. Note: Pre-R11.1 TTS files are not compatible with R11.1 and higher.

To download Avaya software:

1.Browse to and log in.

2.Select Support by Product and click Downloads.

3.Enter IP Office in the Enter Product Name box and select the matching option from the displayed list.

4.Use the Choose Release drop-down to select the required IP Office release.

5.The page lists the different sets of downloadable software for that release. Select the software for the Unified Communications Module.

6.The page displayed in a new tab or windows details the software available and provides links for downloading the files.

7.Also download the documents listed under the RELATED DOCUMENTS heading if shown.



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