You can use SFTP/SSH to upload an ISO image directly to a folder on the server. The upload process is typically slow, taking several hours, but reliable.

To upload an ISO image using SSH/SFTP:

1.Start your SFTP or SSH file application and connect to the server. The exact method depends on the application you are using.

a.Enter the details for the Unified Communications Module:

The Host Name is the IP address of the Unified Communications Module.

The User Name is Administrator.

The Protocol is SFTP/SSH.

The Port is 22.

b.If this is the first time the application has connected to the Unified Communications Module, accept the trusted key.

c.When prompted, enter the Linux Administrator account password.

2.The default folder displayed after logging in is /home/Administrator.

3.Upload the ISO image to the server.

To transfer the ISO from a server path:

1.Login to the server's web configuration menus.

2.Click Solutions.

3.Click on the Actions drop-down and select Transfer ISO.

4.Click Transfer from and select Server Path.

a.In the File path field, enter the path to the previously uploaded ISO image. For example, /home/Administrator/abe-

b.Click OK. The menu shows the progress of the download.

5.When the download has finished, the menu displays the available version. Click Close.

6.The servers listed in the Solution overview show an icon_upgrade icon and Upgrade Available. Proceed to Upgrading from a downloaded ISO.