By default the Voicemail Pro application automatically provides basic mailbox services for all users and hunt groups in the IP Office configuration. For installations with just a single IP Office and Voicemail Pro server, this normally occurs without any further configuration.

Details of IP Office and Voicemail Pro configuration are covered by the Voicemail Pro Administration Manual. This section only covers the minimum steps recommended to ensure that the voicemail server is operating.

Initial Configuration Summary

a.IP Office Configuration

i.Adding voicemail licenses

ii.Check the Voicemail Type Setting

b.Voicemail Pro Configuration

i.Install the Voicemail Pro client

ii.Log in to the Voicemail Pro server

iii.Change the voicemail server password

IMPORTANT: Voicemail IP Address Note

The IP Office uses the address to connect to the voicemail application on the Unified Communications Module. This is the address set for the voicemail server in the IP Office configuration. Do not use this address for any other purpose. For all other access to the voicemail server use the IP address of the Unified Communications Module. To check the IP address, see Viewing the Module IP Address.

Transferring Settings from a Previous Server

For an IP Office system already configured to operate with an external Voicemail Pro server; you can transfer the settings, prompts and messages on the old server to the new server. See Transferring Voicemail Server Settings.