The PC running IP Office Manager can be used to load the full set of operation files onto an SD card. This includes the firmware for the core system, phone firmware files and files for embedded voicemail. If the card contains configuration, message and prompt files, those files are not deleted by this process.

! WARNING: You must read and understand all upgrade pre-requisites before upgrading any system.

Upgrade by Updating an Optional SD Card

1.Shutdown the Optional SD card and remove the card from the system. See Memory Card Shutdown/Removal.

2.Follow the process for recreating the SD card. This process will overwrite the software files on the card with the files available to IP Office Manager. This process takes approximately 20 minutes.

3.Reinsert the card into the Optional SD card slot on the system.

4.Copy the files from the Optional SD card to the System SD card. See Loading Software from an Optional SD Card.

5.Reboot the system. See Rebooting a System.