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one-X Portal for IP Office Admin

This menu can be used to create a list of client versions that the portal server will not support. This is done by adding the client version and build to the lists of blocked clients.

The affect of being blocked by the portal varies depending on the client:

Avaya IP Office Plug-In, Avaya one-X Call Assistant:
If blocked, these clients are not able to log in. If already logged in, they will continue to work until they log out.  

If blocked, these clients can still log-in as they login directly to the IP Office for telephony services. However, they will not receive IM and presence support from the one-X Portal for IP Office server.

For each client, a maximum of 15 version/build combinations can be blocked.

Details of the clients being used and their versions can be seen on the Active Sessions menu.

The versions reported by clients when connected may differ from that shown to the user within the clients menus (for example the client's Help | About).

When using this menu to block particular clients, it is important to also test and ensure that you have not also blocked versions of the client that you want to support.


To add a new blocked client:

1.Use the Select client drop-down to select the client.

2.Enter the Client version and Client build number values. Both values must be set.

3.Click Save.

To removed a blocked client:

1.Click on the cross icon



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