one-X Portal for IP Office can be configured with the Exchange server to the presence information of the users.  


To configure Exchange services:

1. Click Configuration, in the left navigation pane.

2. Click Exchange service.

a.Type AvayaAdmin in the Exchange service account name. Ensure that this name is the same as the AvayaAdmin account that you created on the exchange server.

b.Type the password that was set for the AvayaAdmin in Exchange service account password.

c.Type the IP address of the exchange service host in Exchange service Host.

d.Type the port number of the exchange service in Exchange Port number.

e.Type the domain name of the proxy server that is used to connect to the exchange server in Exchange service proxy host.

f.Type the port number of the proxy server for exchange service in Exchange proxy port.

g.Set a Test Email Address using a valid email address.

3. Click on Validate Exchange Service Configuration to view whether the provided exchange details are valid.

4. Click Save.