If the details (IP address, TCPA service user name or password) of an assigned IP Office are changed, the IP Office settings within the one-X Portal for IP Office providers must be updated to match.

This process requires you to restart the portal service for the changes to take effect. During the restart, the portal may not be available to users for up to 15 minutes.

To change the IP Office details:

1. Log in to the administrator menus.

2. If it is the IP Office IP address that has changed, check that the IP Office can be seen from the one-X Portal for IP Office server.

a. Select Diagnostics and then IP Office Connections.

b. Enter the IP Address of the target IP Office and click on Check.

c. If the IP Office is reachable, the results will include base information about the IP Office system.

3. Select Configuration and then Providers.

4. Click on the admin_provider_edit icon next to the exising CSTA provider to which the IP Office was assigned.

5. Edit the details displayed to match the new settings of the IP Office system and click Save.

6. Restart the portal service.