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Adding an LDAP External Directory Source

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An LDAP provider is created by default during installation but not configured for connection to an LDAP sever (unless an Advanced Installation is selected and the LDAP provider settings altered). The process below changes the LDAP provider settings to allow LDAP operation.

LDAP operation can be tested through the Directory Integration | LDAP Directory Search option in the administrator menus.

Unlike the LDAP support in the IP Office, the one-X Portal for IP Office sever does not import records from the LDAP source and then use those records as a directory. Instead, when a one-X Portal for IP Office user enters characters in the External Directory tab of the Directory gadget, the one-X Portal for IP Office server uses the LDAP source settings to do a live search of the LDAP source records. The one-X Portal for IP Office server therefore does not need to regularly update its LDAP records.

This process requires you to restart the portal service for the changes to take effect. During the restart, the portal may not be available to users for up to 15 minutes.

To add an external LDAP directory:

1. Login to the administrator menus.

2. Select Configuration and then Providers.

3. From the Provider Name drop-down list select Directory (LDAP).

4. Click on the admin_provider_edit icon next to the LDAP provider.

5. Change the details to match the LDAP server source that you want to use.

The URL of the LDAP directory source, for example ldap:\\

The user name and password for access to the LDAP server.

Base DN
This is also called the Search Base. It defines which set of records in the LDAP source should be used for searches. The LDAP sever administrator will provide a suitable string, for example ou=Users,dc=global,dc=example,ddc=com.

LDAP Field Mappings
The field names (on the left) are the fields shown in the one-X Portal for IP Office directory. Enter the names of the matching field for each in the LDAP sources records.

6. Click Save.

7. Restart the Avaya one-X Portal service.



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