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one-X Portal for IP Office Admin

This option shows you the system directory as being shown to the one-X Portal for IP Office users. You can search the directory in the same way as if you were using the one-X Portal for IP Office client.  


You can use this menu to verify the directory is as expected, with users, groups and directory entries from each IP Office being supported.

Note: The system does not display hunt groups set as "Ex-directory" in the telephone system configuration.

The one-X Portal for IP Office server updates system and personal directory records every 300 seconds approximately. You can force an update using the Directory Synchronization option.

For some directory contacts, one-X Portal for IP Office indicates the contacts current status by using different icons. For contacts that have multiple telephone numbers, the status is based that of the work number.






The normal state for a user showing the status of their work extension in use.



The normal state for a user showing that their work extension is currently on a call.

Do Not Disturb


The user has set Do Not Disturb. Calls to them will go to voicemail if enabled or else get busy tone unless you are in the user's Do Not Disturb exception list.

Logged Out


The user has logged out from their phone. Calls to them will most likely go to voicemail if available.



This icon is used when the status is not known or cannot be known, i.e. external numbers.



This icon is used for an internal contact that is currently ringing.

Adding and Editing Portal Contacts

You can use the pa_add_to_contact icon to add a new system directory contact. Note that contacts added in this way are stored by one-X Portal for IP Office only are  accessible by users through one-X Portal for IP Office only. These contacts can have multiple phone numbers and email addresses configured if required.

To delete contacts that have been added in this way, click on the contact and select the delete delete icon.



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