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one-X Portal for IP Office Admin

This menu is shown on IP Office Server Edition Select network portal servers. It shows the current status of the portal and IP Office services on the primary and secondary servers when using IP Office Server Edition resilience.


For example, the screenshot above shows a system where the primary and secondary IP Office servers are running and the primary portal server is running but the secondary portal service has not  been started. When the portal service is started, the status of the secondary portal will change to Started and the Secondary DB to Started Passive.

The terms used in the status display have the following meanings. The terms may be combined:

The service is running.

Stopped or Not Started
The service is not running.

This portal server has a connection to the service.

The server hosting the service was detected but there is no connection as the service on that server has not started.

The service is currently being used to support portal users.

The service is running but is not currently being used to support portal users.



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