1.In your web browser, enter the URL in the form of https://<server name>:9443/onexportal.html where:

<server name> is the name or the IP address of the one-X Portal server.

In some cases, you may use http:// rather than https:// and 8080 as the port. Your system administrator will advise if that is allowed.

2. Enter your User name and Password.

If you want to save your user name and password on the computer, select the Remember me on this computer check box. Select this check box only if you are the only person who uses the computer.

Login to phone
You can have the portal also log you into an extension on the phone system or at an external phone. To do this click Login to phone. You do not need to do this if you are already logged in on the extension on the telephone system that you want to use.

Internal Phone Login
To log into an extension on the phone system, select the Login my phone check box and in the Base Extension field, enter the base extension number of the extension. For more information, see Hot Desking.

External Phone Login
To log into your home or mobile telephone, select the Login through Telecommuter check box and in the Telecommuter Number field, enter the home telephone or mobile telephone number. This option is only supported if configured for you by your system administrator. For more information, see Telecommuting.

3. Click Login.

If a Change Password menu appears, you system administrator has configured your account to the Force New Password setting. Enter your current password again and a new password and click Confirm. Note that the new password must meet the requirements set by your system administrator, otherwise the menu reappears. See Changing Your Password.

If login fails, the one-X Portal may display one of the following messages:

"Invalid user credentials"
This indicates that either the user name or password is incorrect.

"A license could not be assigned to you. Please contact your administrator"
This indicates that you are either not licensed for one-X Portal usage or one-X Portal could not connect to the telephone system.

"Csta Resource not available"
This indicates that your browser does not support one-X Portal.