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Using the Conversation History

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The logsHead Conversation History displays details of calls you have made, received and missed. You can use the call log to make a call or add the caller's details to your Personal directory.

Each call of particular type, to or from a particular number, only appears as a single call log record. For any additional calls of the same type and number as an existing call log record, the details (Time and Duration) shown for the existing record are updated and the Calls count is increased.




This tab shows all the records from the other sub-tabs.

icon - inbound x16 Incoming

This tab shows records for calls direct to your extension number that you have answered. Details of the 10 most recent callers are included.

icon - outbound x16 Outgoing

This tab shows records for calls that you made. Details of the 10 most recent callers are included.

icon - missed x16 Missed

This tab shows records for calls that have rung your phone but were not answered there. Details of the 10 most recent calls are included.

Missed Calls
Calls that you do not answer but are answered by voicemail or a covering extension are not normally logged as missed calls. However, your telephone system administrator can configure the logging of missed calls.

Missed Hunt Group Calls
By default, only hunt group calls that you answer are logged. However, your telephone system administrator can configure your call log to include missed hunt group calls for selected hunt groups.

Automatic Deletion
Old call records are automatically deleted when the call log capacity is reached and a new call record needs to be added. In addition, the telephone system administrator can configure the telephone system to delete log entries after a set period.

icon - missed x16 IM

This tab enables you to search for conversations with the contacts.

Hunt Group Calls
Your system administrator can configure whether your missed calls call log includes missed calls for selected hunt groups. Missed hunt group calls are calls not answered by a member of the hunt group. They do not have to actually ring you and they are answered by a non hunt group member or voicemail; if so that will be indicated in the missed call details. When this option applies to your call log, the Name column is relabeled From and a To column is also displayed so you can distinguish between your own calls and calls to a hunt group.

pa sort pa sort down Sort
You can sort the call log entries by clicking on the column headers. The current column being used for sorting is indicated by a down arrow pa sort or up arrow pa sort down icon. Clicking on the same column header again reverses the sort order.

pa_add_to_contact Add the Caller Details to Your Personal Directory
You can add the name and number to your Personal directory.

Clear Log
Delete all records from the currently viewed tab.

The entries in the name column are underlined and can be clicked to make a return call to the number stored by the call log.



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