If your telephone system has an Avaya voicemail server attached, you can check the messages in your voicemail mailbox using the messagesHead Messages gadget.

pa mailbox

The gadget displays a change_password_warning icon if your current mailbox password doesn't match the password requirements set by your system administrator. Click on the icon to change the password.

Access and Use Voicemail

Enable/Disable Voicemail screening

Switch between Phone and PC playback

Record Mailbox Greetings

Check Voicemail messages

Add a Voicemail caller to my Directory

Select Mailbox Greetings

Call someone who left a message

Change my Voicemail Mailbox Code

Changing Voicemail Settings Using Other Interfaces

one-X Portal loads your voicemail settings when you login. If you then change your voicemail settings using another method, such as through your phone, the details held by one-X Portal can be incorrect. If you make voicemail setting changes through a method other than one-X Portal, you should log out of one-X Portal and log in again.