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IP Office Basic Edition - Basic Edition Manager R11.1

The Line Assignment tab enables you customize lines by setting the programmable button as a line appearance button to make and answer calls on a particular line.

For systems operating in PBX System mode, buttons can also be selected for ARS selector group numbers. Those can be used to make calls but not to receive calls. When pressed, an available line in the ARS selector group is seized.

Note that for systems running in Key System mode, a number of each users programmable buttons are automatically configured as line appearance button according to the system Number of Lines setting. If the system setting Number of Lines is changed, it may overwrite all or some of the current button programming.

Select the line with which the button will be associated. For systems operating in Key System mode, the ARS Selector group numbers are also listed.

Ringing Options
Select whether the phone should provide audible alerting when a call is waiting to be answered on the line. Not used for buttons assigned to ARS Selectors.

Provide audible alerting as normal.

Delayed Ring
Only provide audible alerting after three rings (15 seconds).

No Ring
Do not provide any audible alerting.

When selected, this option removes all programming from the button.



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