1.Select Start | Programs | IP Office | Manager.

If the PC has firewall software installed, you may be prompted as to whether you want to allow this program to access the network. Select Yes or OK.

2.When the Manager application starts, it briefly displays a splash screen. It will then perform several possible actions:  and then presents the welcome screen.

3.By default the application will automatically scans the local network for an IP Office system. This behavior can be disabled in the Manager application preferences in which case the default welcome page is displayed (see Simplified View).

a.If only one system is found and it is current Administrator account password is password, Manager will automatically load and display the configuration from that system.

b.If only one system is found but its administrator password is not set to password, the menu for entering the valid name and password is displayed.

c.If several systems are found, the Select IP Office menu is displayed. Use this menu to select which system to load. For details of adjusting the Select IP Office menu see Setting the Discover Address.

d.If no system is found or an invalid name and password are used, then the Manager simplified view Welcome menu is displayed.