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IP Office Basic Edition - Web Manager R11.1

Voicemail email allows a mailbox user to receive an email when they have a new voicemail message. That email can be a simple alert or it can include a copy of the voicemail message.

The use of voicemail email require the system to be configured with SMTP server settings and email addresses for users. Once setup, users are able to access email settings through their voicemail mailboxes prompts and select the voicemail email mode that they want used for their new messages:

Switches off the use of email for new message alerts.

Send an email to the user's email address with the voicemail message attached. The method leaves the original message in the user's voicemail mailbox.

Send an email to the user's email address with the voicemail message attached. This method deletes the original message from the user's voicemail mailbox

Send an email alert about the new message but do not attach the message to the email.


The size of voicemail attachments is approximately 1MB per minute. The use of attachments will impose additional traffic on the email server and large attachments may be blocked.

Configuring Voicemail Email

The following steps are required to allow users to use voicemail email.

1.Configure the Email Server Settings.

2.Set User Email Addresses.



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